Live started off as a performance-orientated piece of software that slowly developed into a fully-fledged music production tool. Some of the performance features made it a great way to sketch ideas, compose in a non-linear way and brought back an element of musicianship that was lacking in other DAWs.

Although it can initally take some getting used to, more and more people are finding that the work pays off and that Live is a superb choice for making your own music, remixes, mixdowns and more!


The clue is in the name! Live was intended to fill the gap in the market for a way to seamlessly blend different musical parts and even whole songs together for a performance.

But that’s just the beginning – once you figure out how to customise the Live interface and workflow to realise your musical ideas in a real-time way your brain is liable to explode with new ideas and ways to perform, experiment, DJ or jam with others!


Ableton Live is a great hub for external gear and a sequencer that, particularly with the assistance of embedded add-on Max for Live, can also sequence events and talk other audio and visual languages.

More and more people are looking to Live to form the central part of their show control system for art installations, theatre and stage shows. It can function as a replacement for more commonly found software like QLab to control and cue audio, video and lighting.


Live can appear as something of a blank slate but this flexibility is one its key strengths. It’s one of the easiest tools to get a beat going quickly, it’s great at live looping of audio and MIDI, it can process a live band, it can be used for crazy sound design – whilst also being powerful enough to handle complex mixdowns and work with external equipment. In fact, we love it so much we wrote a workshop called 12 Ways to Use Ableton Live!

Testimonials from satisfied clients:

The tutor at Ableton Live Training was very good at explaining all the different possibilities that Ableton Live had to offer for a working session musician.

Craig Lowe

The tutor at Ableton Live Training was great at simplifying things and was very patient as I was a complete beginner. He has given me the confidence to start my electronic music journey.

Seren Error